How to Move Your Way to Back Pain Relief

How to Move Your Way to Back Pain Relief

Movement is one of the best ways to recover from back pain. 

In fact, science has shown us that medications and rest are actually a few of the least effective ways to find relief! 

Your body is designed to move, and often it's a lack of daily movement (or chronic postural changes) that causes back pain to begin in the first place. 




Why it Matters

The right movements and exercises can help you recover more quickly and prevent future back pain episodes.

There are three different types of body movement: segmental, regional, and whole body. 

Segmental motion occurs between the individual joints of your body. 

Regional movement occurs in a body region such as your neck, mid-back, or low back.

Whole-body movement is characterized by the actions we typically think of as exercise. 

All three types are essential and work together to keep your spine and musculoskeletal system healthy and functioning at its best.


Here’s a closer look

Segmental Movement: Moving the individual joints of your body is what chiropractors are specifically trained to do. Proper segmental movement can help reduce pain, improve your range of motion, and influence your central nervous system.

Regional Movement: Dynamic stretching with regional range of motion exercises can reduce low back stiffness.

Whole Body Exercise: daily exercise can help your brain and body feel better as well as improve your rest and recovery at night.



Next Steps

The foundation of all movement is segmental movement. 

If your joints aren't moving correctly, the rest of your body isn’t moving correctly or well. 

Moving may be the last thing you want to do if you're struggling with back pain, but research has repeatedly shown that movement and exercise are two of the best ways to find relief from back pain. 

If you've dealt with back pain, call us today. 

Our team will be happy to provide you with a complete movement assessment and personalized exercise plan to help you get (and stay) well for years to come!


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Dr. Andrea has been a lifelong advocate of chiropractic care ever since she saw the difference it made in her younger sister’s life when she was just a child. After her sister was diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed medication to treat the condition — which turned her into a shell of her former self — Andrea watched in amazement as chiropractic treatments stopped her sister’s seizures and negated her need for medication. From that moment on, Andrea knew she wanted to be a chiropractor so she could share the body’s amazing ability to heal itself with as many people as she can.

In pain? Find nothing seems to work?

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